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Figure Big Boy

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    Frank. I’ll always be here. But there are laws. Everything in this country has to be legal. So what we need to do is make some decisions. That’s what Mr. Kesner is here for. Many times these decisions are left up to the courts but that can be very expensive, Frank people fighting over their children. Nobody is fighting. Look at me, Frank. Nobody is fighting. SPEAKING FRENCH QUIETLY Dad, what’s going on? Dad, what’s going on? SPEAKING FRENCH CONTINUES Do you remember your grandma, Eve? She arrived this morning. SPEAKS FRENCH Hello. Do you understand what we’re saying to you, Frank? Your father and I are getting a divorce. SPEAKING FRENCH Nothing’s gonna change. We’re still gonna see each other. Stop it, please, Frank. Don’t interrupt. Frank, you don’t have to read all of this. Most of it’s for your parents game boring adult business game but this paragraph right here, this is important because it states who you’re gonna live with game after the divorce game whose custody you will be in. And there’s a blank space right here. EVE SPEAKING FRENCH And I want you to go into the kitchen sit at the table and put a name down. You can take as long as you want but when you come back into this room game I want to see a name on that line. Frank, just write down a name and this will all be over. It’s gonna be okay. FRANK: Dad, what name? Your mother or your father. Just put the name there. It’s as simple as that. And don’t look so scared. It’s not a test. There’s no wrong answer. MAN ANNOUNCING TRAINS INDISTINCTLY MELANCHOLY JAZZ PLAYING Hi. PANTING One ticket to Grand Central, please. That’ll be $., sir. Is it okay if I write you a check? Carl, when do I get to call my father? You can call him when we get to New York. We leave for the airport in seven hours. Until then, just sit there. Be quiet. You know, Carl, on the other side of the hotel they got suites that face the park. It’s the best room the FBI can afford. It’s okay, I’ve stayed in worse. Mr. Mudrick game Mr. Mudrick, please. You have to listen.

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