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Festival Cool Dress Up

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  • Festival  Cool Dress Up

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    which horse to keep? Yes, sir. Thank you. Look, Min-jae. l only have that horse left so there’s no horse to give out. What should l do? Don’t think Prince Jung-an easy. We can’t stop him this way. He might hit us back. Then it would put us in danger! We didn’t found this dynasty to be killed by him! l think it’s the time. Before we attack the east of Liaohe River we should hit Prince Jung-an first. But when? lt’s crucial. Day of a white monkey. Day of a white monkey. As everyone will be enjoying the feast all night we can attack them taking advantages of confusion. They must know it too and would not miss the day to mobilize their army. We can finish everything by afternoon when his majesty wakes up. Do you think we can succeed? lt’s totally up to the prime commander. HoId this sword for me by my side. And protect the crown prince with it. This is my first request and royaI command. Don’t forget who made the wiId animaI into a human being Iike today. You shaII risk your Iife for me and the king. This is the scent bag that his majesty gave to his son-in-law. Time has almost come for what you and l worked together for. l’ll send you the message in advance. When you’re plan is accomplished, not that Kim’s clan will fall but the entire army of country will also be paralyzed. Then Games what would happen to the prime commander? What Games do you think? l shall leave as it is already quite late. She is the girl l told you about. Treat this as your mother and your duty from now on. Do not ever forget how your mother died. lt is peony. Take this in your mind. But thank god it’s just burnt on the edge. Prince Jung-an shall attack with his private soldiers. He would aim the east gate. Allocate the force outside the city inside the palace. You should be fully prepared. Here it is, commander. I wouId Iike to meet you discretIy on a white monkey day. l knew it. She’s no different than others. ls it the medicine for the pirncess? Yes, sir. l see, give me that. l’ll carry it myself. lt would be difficult for me to attend

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