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Fast Valentine’s Day Massage

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  • Fast Valentine’s Day Massage

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    Fast Valentine’s Day Massage Description

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    Um, another big crack opened. More lava’s pouring in, ain’t no way to stop it. Pretty sure we’re toast. panicked screaming What have I done? Was it a mistake to trust Deep? Deep Keep up the pace, guys. Alice Deep, we’ve been swimming for hours. Oh, I’m so hungry. Ouch. What’s your problem, guy? Well, I’ll tell you one thing, it’s definitely not that I’m afraid of you’ll eat me. Relax, I’m not into lantern fish. If I want to become bioluminescent, I’ll swallow a light bulb, okay? Ah, not afraid at all. Ah! sighs Come on, guys, we’ll take a break when Whoa! How could the Kraken have kept me from all this? Alice Maybe we can just sighs stop and enjoy this for a while? Deep No, we need to push on. Of course, that’s what I meant when I suggested stopping. Let’s go even faster. Not really an award winner in listening skills, is he? Alice Huh, you noticed? Deep Whoa. Deep, can we take a break? Hey, Deep, we’re exhausted here. mocking So tired, so thirsty. Water, water. laughing But we’re already in the water. Right, that’s the joke. What do they call an octopus with a bad sense of humor? Dinner. chuckles Now that’s funny. Hey, guys, I have an idea. We should rest here, it’s so beautiful. sighs I’m exhausted. Let’s take a break. Finally. That’s what we’ve been saying all along. That’s what we’ve been telling you. Nobody cares. Okay, okay, all you had to do was say something. So, let’s put the ladies down here and Evo and I will sleep up top. I’m fine up here. I’ll be the watch fish. I won’t sleep anyway. Maybe one of your bedtime stories will make you sleepy. Really? Hmm, okay. So, once upon a time there was this brave fish. Was it a lantern fish by any chance? Yes, in fact. But no interrupting, Deep, or you get a time out. Anyway, this lantern fish, Revo was his name, he was so brave, he could swim anywhere. yawning shushing The guy was totally fearless. Deep chuckling He could, like, take on any enemies. sighs snores Praise Neptune. He was working on my last nerve. You were right, Deep. It sure is beautiful out here.

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