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Fast Striped Dress

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  • Fast Striped Dress

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    It’s one afternoon a week. Besides, she works in maintenance. You seem to be spending lots of time with her. People are talking. You’ve worked in jails for years, you know the score. Rumors, rumors, rumors People gossip in closed environments. You can’t stop them. I’m telling you, the program is a success. We’re the first in France to have developed it. Let’s be happy for once. Is that all? For today, yes. Have a good day! You’re still here? They couldn’t live without me. You know I called Mona, the fortuneteller. Oh, yeah. She’s still around? Yes, she is. Why did you call her? For you. For me? So she could tell me about you. I sensed you were hiding something. So you ask Mona? Are you hiding something? You’re seeing someone! You have to leave him. He’s no good for you. How do you know? How do you know what’s good for me? Why did you come? To help you. Why? Mona told me. Mona doesn’t know me, hell! You don’t know me either! Don’t come to my home and talk ! This isn’t your home. Shut up! Stop talking. Why did you come?

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