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FAst Skin Care Time

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    ! Please just, uh, have a seat, please. McCadden, what is the meaning of all this commotion? One of my students was just burned by this fungus. Fungus? Come on. You know damn well what I’m talking about. Melrose and I tried to warn you about this. McCadden, you know I really resent being blamed for the clumsiness of one of your students. Now, if you’re unwilling to accept the responsibility for this project, perhaps we ought to find someone who will. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. My name is Wendell J. Rossmore. Applause Today we are formally announcing the permanent acquisition of a major artifact from the tomb and the treasure of Tutankhamen. Applause When we uncover the Radio , you’re gonna notice that the wrappings are very deteriorated and covered with a green substance. This may make him seem rather unattractive, but please remember he’s been in there for years. Chuckles Gentlemen, you may remove the inner lid. Overlapping chatter Hey, look, I wasn’t the only one in the lab that night. Don’t you belong to a fraternity, Sharpe? Yes. So what? Hey, Pete, I was a frat man. I know what it’s like. Slow night, nothing to do. Have a couple of beers– Steal a Radio ? That’s a great theory, captain. Try to prove it. Why, you little– Hey, listen, why don’t you ask Parker where he was that night? I saw him there. Dr. Rossmore, Jack Parker is not a suspect. The most important thing is we’ve got to find the Radio . We’ve got to counteract the bad press generated by that disaster this morning. Uh, Sharpe? Yes, sir? I want you to spread the word through the fraternity houses. I’m offering a -hour amnesty to get the Radio back. Now, if he is not returned, I am going to close every frat house and search every room on this campus. Yes, sir. All right. Uh, Sharpe and Parker, you may go. Captain, I think the city police should be brought in on this. Absolutely not. Now, come on. This is an internal affair. We don’t need ’em. You’re overreacting, Doug. That Radio could be dangerous. There is something on the wrappings.

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