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Fast Shopping Addicts

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    I don’t know how to live without you, sweetheart. Every word I said about you games is true. Straight from my heart. Since we met games games my world feels beautiful, my love. I’ve finally found my sky. We complete each other. I dedicated my life to you forever, beloved. I learned to live games live games I learned how to liven Sir, I am Liak’s mother. Forgive me, but I am not signing any letter. Sir games Sorry. Sir, I know who was Liak’s partner in crime. Sir. I know games his partner’s name. Did Liak send you? No, sir. He’ll kill me if he finds out. Last week he called me from jail. He told me his partner’s name games games and asked me to contact him. I’ve got his phone number and address. Don’t let my son die in jail. Come in. Forgive him. Come in. You know his partner’s name and address, don’t you? Yes, sir. Come games p|ease sit. Sir. Sir, I have been blessed with a baby girl. Sweets for you. Congrats. Thank you, sir. Sir, you’ve to come over for the naming ceremony. Sorry, I am going on a break. Are you going home? Yes. On thMay, Liak Tungekar games games and his missing accomplice murdered my wife Misha and son Robin. games during a bank heist. The court sentenced Liak to years in prison games games of which he has served . Last week I was informed that Liak is suffering from cancer. I can never forgive him games the senseless deaths of my wife and child games And yet, Liak dying in jail won’t give me any solace. I request the court to cut short the remainder of Liak’s sentence. I want him to be released games games so that he can receive treatment and live the rest of his games games life with dignity. lam going games to the bus stop. And then straight to Bangkok. I’ll get all the massages. Thai games Sandwich games the works! Give him a good foot massage ok games Do it correctly, okay? Yeah. But why did you break the legs? They’re foreigners; they want the entire roast chicken. Yeah. Good morning, sir. It’s on the third floor. See you. h! Excuse me, do you need help. No, I am fine. Thanks.

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