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Fast Dreams in the room

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  • Fast Dreams in the room

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    See when If you press play, it will move with the sound. What do you think, gang? Isn’t that amazing? It’s dangerous. Ah. Wow. Wow. That is really That’s really something, huh? Yeah. Very interesting. We know what we have to do. But there’s only one way into the Forbidden Forest. I know this one. I know this one. “We must pass through the core of the planet.” But isn’t that That’s where the fire gods live, in the fire realm. Yes, but we must make peace with the gods of fire. For the sake of both our worlds. Aah So maybe we do the studies another time? And I’ll head to my room for the rest of the day. Are you hungry? ‘Cause I can make you a sandwich and we can listen to some more Briggles Bear. Oh, wait. Why don’t we take a look at the list? I mean, it’s Saturday. No, thanks. Yeah, hold on, he’s just in his room. GASPS Oh, my God. Sorry. It’s me, James. Not a real bear. What is wrong with you? Well, I was abducted, and I feel like that has something No. I get it. Okay, this whole thing is weird enough without you trying to hang out with people my age or embarrass me in front of my friends. Also, people are saying you hooked up with Merideth. Okay, do not do that. You’re old. Tell Mom you need your own phone. Okay. Talk. What do you want me to say? Into the phone. Hello? James, we gotta talk about these tapes, dude! It’s Spencer. I know. All right, so first of all in that last episode Thanks, dude. When Brigsby’s in that ice planet right before the federation invades. Yeah, but that’s when Brigsby reveals the moon base. Yeah, but it’s an old Brigsby to, like, the future Brigsby. Yeah. “Hope is not yet lost!” That’s what old Brigsby says to, well, himself. It’s a piece of art. It’s like this whole TV show made in a bedroom. And all the characters he put into that one universe. Then at the end of the episode when Sun Snatcher melts the peace treaty before it has time to take effect That’s like really good storytelling, dude. You okay? Yeah No. That’s That was one of my favorite parts, too. Okay, so are you doing

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