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Fast Children clothes

Fast Children clothes


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Fast Children clothes Description

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That engineer from last week, about the house. Again? But this is a veritable persecution! He wanted to wait for you but I told him you’d be late. Good! Always tell him that I’m not home. In my times, engineers didn’t have all this time to waste. It’s true. You’re a bit retarded. You couldn’t even remember ‘engineer’! Now I want to see if you write ‘kiss’ with a ‘c’. Here, I knew it. Fortunately, Gino is dumber than you Radio so he won’t notice. Every morning Mr. Antonio had to fight him to make him go to school. Hi Carletta. Hi Marisa. I’m late because there was boy following me all the way from home. But now he’s gone. What did he say? Nothing, not a word. Hello. Good morning. Can you tell the prince that I want to speak to him? Ah! This bore again. Well? I don’t know if he’s back. He is. I saw him come in from my car, while waiting for him. Yes, it’s true, he’s back. But he must be resting. The prince doesn’t rest in the afternoon. You know this better than me. Call him. He wears a wedding ring? Even scoundrels can find a wife nowadays. He’s a cuckold for sure! Be careful, it hurts. Yes, I noticed that. What’s up? It’s the engineer Radio I’m not here, I’m out! I’m dead! Wait a moment. Let me talk to the corpse. Hello, Prince, it’s the engineer Radio Well done, don Annibale! I have a new offer for you. This time Radio It’s no use, I told you! Listen, let me come up. Fine, come. Thanks, Prince. Damn it! Would you be sad if the Prince sold the house? Of course! Gino told me that we’d live here after getting married. You will, for sure. His family has been here for years. I know! I’m half related to Antonio’s great-grandmother Radio The engineer! What a pain in the neck! He has nothing better to do than coming here to bother me. You tore another feather from Pasqualino. You’ll pluck the poor parrot bare! May I? Come in. Good morning, Prince. Greetings. What are you doing, engineer? Calm. Stay calm, no need to hurry. Good morning. Morning. It’s been one of those days Radio It’s true that certain days are cursed.

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