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    Games Huh. Aah. The wanderin’ zombie? Well, good luck cos his cabin is in the opposite direction. A cabin? He’s totally clueless. Really? Well, untie me and I’ll take you to him in less than two days’ time. Right, nutcase. Are you going to fly us there? Not flyin’ but Game All aboard The Fair Siren. Uh, zombies and water aren’t a good mix. There it is. Come on! No fear. No fear. I was nearly a captain. Games Will you permit me, beauty? Games Mmm. Games Mmm? Games Ugh. Scat back. Ah Game Whoa! Aye, with cannon ten on port and starboard. Wind just aft and strong. Drop the act. You’re no poet. Where did you learn to sail? Ah, it’s a sad story. You don’t want to know. You’re absolutely right. That’s not true. I’d like to hear it. I grew up alone on the streets of London since Game Me parents abandoned me. I had to fend for me own self till I got picked up by some pirates Game How can she be so gullible? Who forced me to lie and steal, but I never liked it none. He’s got some nerve. Games Liar, liar, pants on fire. Games Oh, I can’t believe it. Neither does he. She’s a fool. Dixie, would you like me to learn ye how to sail? Can I? Of course. Come sit here. Mmm. Dixie, don’t leave me. Mmm. Humph. Ready, lass? Turn her right! Oh, yeah. Aren’t we going a bit fast? Look out! Stop the boat! I want to get off! Stop! That was a close one. Let me Game If you like we’ll get some shut Games eye at the cemetery by that hermitage. Can you help me, Gonner? Mmm. Just so you know, Dixie likes me more than you. I’m her bestest friend. Sleep tight, bucko. Hey! Finally, some peace and quiet! Is that how all ye young lasses dress today? No, only bad people like me. Just because you wear black threads, yer considered an outlaw. No one trusts you. Ah, blimey. They’re all a sack of landlubbers. How did you get this? I don’t like to talk about it. Give me a chance. It was a gift from my mother. Aw, a gift from your mum? Yeah. Before she ran off to start a new family.

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