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    What’s going on here? I can explain. There’s no time. Mama has the girls. I know where she took them. Got to go. You remind me of my father. Dress Up Games Dan! Narrator Knowing the girls were in danger, Dan and Dress Up Games sped off, racing to get to the cliff they Dress Up Games Oh, my God. What happened to the car? Where Dress Up Games ? Oh, there it is. They were no longer able to sit idly by and let a ghost jump off a cliff, sacrificing their children with her. Dan Dress Up Games ! Lily! Oh, my God. There they are. Dress Up Games , Lily, stop! Grunting, growling What do we do now? Um, I’ll just Dress Up Games Dress Up Games read from this and change her back to human. Screaming Growling Girls, run! Run! No. No, not that way. Away from the cliff! I’m not going to let Mama take you away again. Whistling Hm? Lily, stop! Come on. Come on. Here, girl. Come on, Lily. Come on. Look. Oh, look. Yeah. Squeals Pants Come on. Look. Oh, yeah. Lily. Oh, wow. Yeah. Oh, come on. Enough! This is crazy. Lily’s not a dog. Whimpers She’s a beautiful little girl who I’ve grown to love. I love all these children, Mama, even if they don’t all love me. Lily loves you, too, Dress Up Games . Lily panting And they belong in this world with me and Dan. Because they deserve parents who aren’t decomposing. Good girl. Squealing All right, enough. Where’s the page? Damn it, I can’t find it. Forget it. There, that worked. Maybe not. Growling Growling Howling in pain Screaming Women exclaiming Growling Screaming Man, we need to stop smoking this shit. Told you that shark was going to come in handy. Thank you. Lily. Honey, thank God you’re all right. Your cue is coming up. Oh, Kendra. Look, it’s OK, girl. Let’s forget about what happened. You are the Black Swan. No. It’s you. Throwing Mama off the cliff has really made me reevaluate my priorities. My family comes first. You dance the Black Swan. Because sometimes in life Dress Up Games

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