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Fashion Time

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    Fashion Time, Fashion Time Games, Play Fashion Time Games

    What do you think you’re trying to do? I’m not even trying very hard, but I’m doing it. Doing what? Push my hat back, Johnny. It’s all right. Push it back. You’re out of practice, aren’t you? Dancing, I mean. I could help you get in practice again, Johnny. Dancing, I mean. OBREGON: Good evening, Mr. Farrel. Thanks. Obregon. I’m in again, as you put it. Practically Old Home Week. We’re all here. Yes, we are all here, Mr. Farrel. I would suggest that you see Mrs. Mundson goes home. You would suggest? There’s gonna be trouble. I would suggest you see that she’s out of here before the unmasking at :. You sound like a very bad melodrama. Excuse me. What are you doing? Oh, Johnny Game Here’s the comic relief. Now the drama’s complete. Was that a crack? What do you want? I got a letter for you. She said she was sorry she didn’t get to say goodbye. OBREGON: No bad news, I hope? She left with Game What’s that to you? Nothing, believe me, but you sure act sore about it. You’d think she was your Game Back on the door. Check everyone comes in. Get that? Okay, okay. But she didn’t come in, she went out. Lose something, Mr. Farrel? I didn’t even know you’d arrived. But obviously I did arrive. Obviously. Where’s Gilda, Johnny? She’s around somewhere. Hard to keep track in this mob. Find her for me, Johnny. Sure. I won’t guarantee how long it’s gonna take. I’ll wait. I’m a great one for waiting, Johnny. BIG BAND MUSIC PLAYING Take your mask off. It’s time to unmask. SCREAMING CROWD CLAMORING It might be a good idea for us to go home, Game . Why, because a man drank too much? It was one of the messenger boys, and he didn’t drink too much. He was murdered. Good, saves us the trouble. Did you keep your appointment with them? No, I missed them. Did you find Gilda? No. Find her, take her home. I’ll stick with you. No. In chemin de fer, you play for the full stake or you pass the shoe. You can’t rule the world by passing the shoe. I think we ought to go home. Do as I tell you. Take Gilda home.

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