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    You don’t buy your way out of this, bub. You’re in trouble. Oh, now wait a minute. Game : All right, Casey, Huerta. Well, well. The little man with the sharp friend. I told you not to bring your dice. “Well, well” again. You really had me fooled last night. I thought you were somebody. I didn’t think you’d just be the manager of a gambling joint. My name is Game Mundson. Mine’s Johnny Farrel. And I’m not the manager, I own the joint. And I don’t like to be cheated. There isn’t a dice table in the house. Nobody wins that much at honestly. I hit a lucky streak. A very deft way of cutting cards. Took me years to learn. Of course you ought to be in jail. But I suppose I owe you an obligation since I saved your life. You ought to be more careful about those things. Now get out of here. Don’t come back. You know, you’re being very stupid. Probably. You had me gambling on the wrong side. I’ll be better if you had me on your side. I don’t like my people to cheat. I cheat with my own money, sure. But with your money, I wouldn’t have to cheat. Think it over. You know, I think I will. How much time do you give me? Oh, there’s no hurry. You can take a minute or two. Excuse me while you’re making up your mind. WHISTLES Not you. You really shouldn’t hit a man when he has his hands behind his back. You see? This way you’ll have two friends. You’ve no idea how faithful and obedient I can be for a nice salary. This I must be sure of, that there is no woman anywhere. There’s no woman anywhere. Gambling and women do not mix. Those are the very words I use myself. Now shall we quit talking about it? There was one once? Get this, Mr. Mundson. I was born last night when you met me in that alley. That way I’m no past and all future, see? And I like it that way. JOHNNY: He let me ease myself right to the top. At first, I just watched the play and the checkoffs. By the way, about that time, the war ended. SINGING IN SPANISH SINGING COMES ON OVER RADIO SINGING TURNS OFF Great news. I thought we ought to celebrate too.

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