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    Fashion Navigation, Fashion Navigation Games, Play Fashion Navigation Games

    Games Okay. SDon’t come near us. Okay. Jinn. What do you want with ? Jinn What do you want from ? Faruk hodja Faruk hodja Faruk hodja are you okay? are you okay? Games I’m fine Esra I’m fine I’m fıne. I’m fıne. Faruk hodja are you okay? How did this happen? When you ask jinns a question they answerwith symbols. What does that mean? According to alchemy it means soap stone but according to black magic Game Toilet spell. Games Toilet spell? Mom. Games What? Did someone put a spell on us. Games I have no idea. It is also called the death spell, it’s very dangerous. Is there a toilet here that touches the ground and sees the sun? Yes, in the garden at the back. Get out. Faruk hodja claims that this symbol was made by the jinn. What the hell is this guy doing? What’s that What are those What is this What are these Games What are these Faruk hodja? Oh my God who put these here? Is this meat? Mom What are they What are they Who did this Refika please try to calm down. But look at this It’s okay. I don’t understand. Mom, what are these? These are disguasting, they smell awful. Faruk hodja, are you okay back there? Refika. My daughter, my daughter Game What’s that That’s Game What the hell? Oh my God. Games What is that? How, how, why? Mom Games What’s that? Oh my God Esra Faruk hodja What is that? Oh my God Games Who put these here? Faruk hodja? Faruk hodja Esra Esra Games Hodja are you okay? Hodja Hodja Games Faruk hodja Be careful Wait, wait, slowly Slowly Slowly step over it Come Games Be careful Be careful, slow down Esra hold on Games Hold it, okay, slowly Okay slowly. Games Hang tight You’re doing fine Games Come come My daughter. Who did all this? I don’t know, who put all this here. Oh God how di they do it, who did it? My poor daughter Fatma why don’t you say something? Mother, who put these here? And you’re asking me Look to yourpast What the hell are you talking about Speak if you know something Games Look at me What

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