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    Fashion jewelry Great weather for Christmas, isn’t it? Uspensky Lane or Street? Two different things. Lane. The Lane Game Nobody knows it, even though it’s just a step away. Shut the hell up, Mark. Enough’s enough! If I weren’t married to your sister, I’d throw you out of this car! Look. You won’t find it on your own. I’m going in that direction anyway. Get into the car. Come on, climb in! Uspensky Street is a princely quarter Game And the lane abuts on the Potters’ Row, where craftsmen and other ragamuffins like me and Mark lived. Man, what is ten grand? Be happy I stopped at all. After all, you need new impressions to keep alive in this town. Write it off on Game charity. Speaking of which. I got a letter from Uspensky Street guess who from? It’s in the attache case. Extortion, how many faces you have! I’ll read it to you. Give me the case. It’s under your feet. It’s not. There is one gorgeous place. Pyotr, I don’t have it. But you brought it from the casino, didn’t you? I went to collect the chips and saw you again down in the hall. Congratulations. We left the case in the casino. So what is worse my gambling or your absentmindedness? Fyodor, turn around! There is no Uturn here. Turn where you can we forgot the case in the casino! Turn around! Turn around! You’re talking about my absentmindedness. While you were losing one thousand after another, my mind went blank. I almost puked. I couldn’t think! I recalled about it thanks to her. This gets us back to our argument about the role of the accidental in history. Life hangs by a thread Game If she hadn’t asked about Uspensky, I wouldn’t have remembered about the letter and then the case! Pray to God, Mark, that it would still be sitting there, and then you will be forever in her debt. What’s your name? Alyona. And this is my brother Nikita. If we clear this reef, Alyona, I’ll name my new yacht after you! Thank you. Change these too, will you. Looks like a good hand. But maybe I should change one or two cards? And see what happens? Don’t know. I really don’t know. Congratulations!

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