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    It’s roasting! Working in such heat is insane! Is it like this over there also? Yeah, all the time. All the time Dress Up Games Excuse me. Could you check if the sand is blocking the pump? Ok. There’s water everywhere! Yes. It’s the lowest level of Kofu. There’s a natural source of water. I see. The water is really gushing out! Is that serious? It’s fine. Are you sure? Yes. Seiji, could you fill the sacks with sand? It never stops! I’m dying in this heat. Rough, isn’t it? Yes. Especially being alone in the pit Dress Up Games Sewers are the hardest thing. Really? By the way, how long can I work here? As far as the pit goes Dress Up Games Yes? As soon as patches are in place, we’ll start digging and installing tubes. Given the construction work, we’ll be installing two tubes a day. At best construction sites they install six a day. At the Takane site, they install seven. Roads are narrower here, so it’s more difficult. Anyway, I hope to work here for a long time. It’s hard, but you’ll get used to it. And I can bear the heat. That’s true, he lived in Dress Up Games . In Dress Up Games ! You’ll make a good team, the two of you! Won’t they, boss? Yes, Seiji Dress Up Games He hooked up with a Thai girl. What do you like so much about Dress Up Games ? I can send your salary there directly! Is that true? Do you often go to Dress Up Games ? Never! Seiji doesn’t have a passport. Anyway, I hear a lot about that country. Why don’t you like Japanese girls? All these girls from Japan Dress Up Games But you’re still going to end up living with a Japanese girl? No, the Japanese are arrogant. It comes from the Village of Water, Water of the Burning Sun. The water makes its voice heard. Water of the Burning Sun. It’s me. Cooee! This heat is killing me! It’s scorching! Shower or dinner? Or maybe bed? You’re all dirty, don’t sit down! Wash your hands. Wash your hands! Put something on. Look. Has my ass got somewhat fatter? What, that much? What can I do? At work I spend time making others more attractive,

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