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    Initially mistaken for Ebola. This is Level , the hemorrhaging begins. Level , patient secrets a black necrotic blood from prolonged internal hemorrhaging, brain damage from blood loss, confusion from high fever, extreme aggression. And here’s Level . Help us. Please. This is the interesting stage, the hibernation stage. Kinda like suspended animation. Comatose, unresponsive. The heart eventually stops, or so we thought. But it actually slows so that it’s virtually untraceable. Look at these two. They come together in love, but the first one to wake up will kill the other one and not know why. We were euthanizing Level ‘s, but we ran outta potassium chloride. And that’s when we discovered a second incubation. Follow me. Wait. We only diagnosed four levels of infection. Yeah. Well, no wonder New York fell. Okay, now Games Do not step off the yellow line. Repeat that. Do not step off the yellow line. Okay. Level , severe brain damage. The Fila virus has mutated into a rabid state. The patient becomes extremely violent and will attack and kill anything it encounters, even its own family. Let me go! Somebody, help me! I told you to stay on the yellow line! Listen, you drop your guard for one second and they will kill you. We can’t have that, doctor, you’re too valuable. Jesus. What are they doing? You’re shooting them? Yeah, that’s the way it is. Look, we’re not proud of it, but humanity left this city a long time ago. I thought that was all we had left. This is an uphill battle we’re fighting and we are losing. I know you worked a long time in the lab. If you can’t make it Games New York wasn’t a cake walk. I survived there. I made it here. I can handle it. Good. It’s time to move. Is your radio off? Yes, sir. This is between you and me. You’re the only one with CDC credentials on the team. Now, while the gunner has tactical command, you’re in charge. Now, if you become infected, keep it to yourself. Don’t tell anyone. And when you return, you’ll be taken care of. With antitoxins, Level is treatable.

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