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Fashion In Paris

Fashion In Paris


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Fashion In Paris that kind of thing. So, I would say, this is what I would say game I don’t know. And I don’t know if you’re gonna start feeling worse and have pain in other places, such as what’s happened with your arm. So, I would say, regardless, I would go do those things. Oh, shit. Would that make this the best time to go right to transplant? In most instances for an auto transplant, going when there’s still some disease, even if it’s a small amount, the outcomes aren’t very good. I see. Thanks very much. Take care. It was good to have you here. All right, let me know if I can help some more. Thanks. You’re welcome. We will. I know. Which way’s the game I’m not sure. That’s the house that he grew up in. We had a house with a rock garden. And that’s in front of the rock garden, and he’s on the righthand side. He really loved our dog and he loved the rabbits that we had. He loved to play with them. Okay, you want to explain that? What do I want to explain about it? Just, just say that was in the rock garden, or something like that. Or I can keep saying it. Thank you, God, that Mary was our mother, who gave us life. And I ask for forgiveness for her in taking her own life. And I ask for forgiveness for myself and those in my family that had blamed her and scapegoated her. I forgive her and love her game game for doing as much as she could with the time that she had. I cannot eat more. It tastes so strong of the garlic. It doesn’t even taste like fried rice, it just tastes like garlic, garlic, garlic. I never expected you to use so much. That was supposed to be game I cut enough for tomorrow, for everything. Kinda tasted good that way. It tasted good that way. It wasn’t too much garlic for me. I cut mountains of garlic for tomorrow. He put everything in the fried rice. It made it tasty. We were upset about it, but there’s nothing we can do. Just him talking about the funeral bothers me because I don’t even want to imagine, you know, the funeral, for him to be dead, or something like that. That’s game hard. I met him in Hamburg

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