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Fashion In Paris Adventure

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    I think we might have to, I’m sorry to say. Jeff, we don’t want to be the kind of flippers who don’t care about the integrity of the house. We improve and refurbish. Maybe we could use some help. Will you just trust me? Let’s get out of here. Don’t you think we should have called someone before we just started digging? Oh, definitely not. Make us fill out a bunch of paperwork and make us wait three weeks. We don’t have time for all that red tape. As opposed to yellow tape? We’re going to find this gas main, and close to that, the water main. How does a nice hot bath sound? Heavenly. Right? Now get to work. Damn it. We can now officially brush our teeth. What? Oh, these are lead pipes. I checked the pipes in the bathroom. They’re PVC. They need new fittings. I can do new fittings, but games But these are lead. They need to be completely replaced. They’re dangerous, and perhaps they’re poisonous. Maybe we were naive in thinking we could do all the repairs ourselves. Yeah, you think? We need an expert. A plumber, maybe. I can go to the hardware store. No. Don’t you worry about it. I’ll do that myself. We’re in over our heads. Yeah, just a little. Yeah, I’d go PEX over PVC. Unless, of course, you got the money for copper. Oh, yeah, I definitely don’t have the money for copper. Yeah, I like PVC. Worked with it before. Oh, yeah? Yeah, yeah. You working any jobs around here? Yeah, just a little remodel down the road. Oh, you fixing it and flipping it? Yeah. It’s a bit of a headache right now, but games Congrats. Oh, thanks, thanks. Appreciate it. You went to Michigan? No, no, I wish. My ex-girlfriend went there. Are you kidding me? No, I went to UM. That’s where I met my girl. Go Blue! Yeah, small world. I’m Jeff. Nate Grant. Yeah, pleasure. Yeah, nice meeting you. Yeah. I ran into a bit of a setback today. Kitchen pipes are lead. Lead? Yeah. That’s hard to believe. You sure? Yeah, I think so. Well, they could be galvanized. Sometimes corroded galvanized looks like lead. Corroded galvanized sometimes looks like lead. Why don’t I know this?

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