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Fashion Expectant Mother 4

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  • Fashion Expectant Mother 4

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    Fashion Expectant Mother 4 Description

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    Fashion Expectant Mother 4 Man, you gotta take one of these. What’s that? We’re looking for people for amateur night. You’re looking at the wrong people, man. You need to be looking in the pool. You got your pick of the litter out there. They look good, but we need some men, and you fit the bill. No, no, no. Yeah. ‘Cause I got my shirt off, you probably judging by my amazing physique that that’s my cup of tea, it’s not. There’s huge cash prizes. You come down, you win some money Game I’ll take one. Bennett, sit your ass down. Free hot buffet. So, some hot chick just rolls up on you. She’s like, “Do you mind helping me with a little bit of suntan lotion?” What do you do? It’d never happen, but I’d stand my ground. Hello, Blue Eyes. I was hoping you could help me. There’s a couple of spots I can’t reach. I probably, probably shouldn’t. You probably should. What, you’re in a relationship or something? Yeah. Yeah, I am. So am I. Really? This is Vegas, baby. Lighten up. You heard her, Dom. It’s VegAss. Vegas. Yep. I love her. All right. Sweetie, sit down. Let me show you how it is around here. Okay, no. ‘Cause my hands Game I’m sorry, did you just spit at me? ‘Cause we gonna talk about that. Excuse me, what is going on? Talk to me. Spit it out, Dom! It didn’t Game What didn’t? She just wasn’t quite Game She wasn’t what? She wasn’t tall enough. Dom, let me tell you something. You know that men spend their entire life savings to go to Brazil? You just had Brazil come over here, and you’re gonna turn it away? You know what, y’all? I’m sick of this Nontourage. ‘Cause that’s what I’m with right now. I’m gonna get me a new crew. Ced, you being dramatic. I’ma roll with some sailors and some congressmen. Republicans! Shut up, Bennett! You know, I’m done. Turn up, that’s what I’ll do. I’ma have me a good time. You gonna join the fun? Girl, you damn right I’ma join the fun! Yeah! See what I’m saying? Y’all wanna sit over here on lounge chairs. I’m about to get in the water with some titties. That’s what I tried to give you, Mike. You didn’t want this life,

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