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Fashion Dresses

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    Ah, probably a screw loose. I’ll fix it. I feel like there’s something in this house. Like what? Like I feel hot, clammy, foulsmelling breath on my neck. Shudders You need call psychic. Kill bad spirits. Ugh. No, Maria, enough of this stuff. OK, then I do blessing, I protect house. Honey, you really need to relax. You’re just stressed out about the children. No, it’s this house. I Dress Up Games I feel it. And Maria’s a little off. I mean, honestly do you really trust her? Oh, honey, don’t worry, she couldn’t hurt a fly. Look, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow. Let’s just get you some sleep, OK? Love you. Dan I don’t believe this Dress Up Games our whole house ransacked. You leave the house unattended with the doors unlocked and look what happens. They didn’t take anything. It’s just vandalism. Every room except the kids’ rooms was trashed. So you suspect the kids? It was Dress Up Games Mama did it. She hates this house. She hates you. OK, Maria, this is camera. Necesito filming. Thank you for helping me clean up, sweetie. Oh, hey, been looking all over for this thing. Still got it Dress Up Games child screams I’m sorry! God, help, honey! Maria, honey, help! Geez! Maria, put the camera Dress Up Games Dress Up Games Oh, look at this. Mom coaching me when I was a little girl. Aw Dress Up Games Always applying the guilt trip. That got me the lead. Baby crying Dress Up Games Look, Maria. Maria, look what I found. What is this? Oh, uh, that’s Dress Up Games a new type of electric toothbrush. Vibrations knock the tartar off your teeth. Look, a whole box of toothbrushes. Dan Whoa. This black one is huge. OK. And look, here’s a doublesided one. All right. And one that I can strap on to my face. Nope. Put that over here. Uncle Dan, what is this? Beaded floss? That’s grownup floss, honey. Groans Graffiti! Did you see this? Who does that? What are we? Maria. Maria, por fav

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