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Fashion Designs Adventure

Fashion Designs Adventure


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Fashion Designs Adventure Description

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take time away from me getting the album done. That is bull, Glen. I came by here the other day, and no one was here. I mean, what is taking so long? I can’t do it anymore. Do what? What’s the point? Point of what? I Games What? I don’t want to write anymore. Are you Games Jesus, Glen. That’s the last time I was inspired. Four years ago. I rush home just in time to see Gracie born. And that blew my mind, man. That Games The songs just poured out of me. I wrote an entire album Games “Amazing Grace.” Right in there. And it was all for her. A song for everything the world could throw at her. And then the suits tell me that Games it’s not commercial enough. They don’t know how to market it, and they tell me to throw it away. “Take another stab at it, buddy.” And that was the most honest I ever wrote. If my music doesn’t touch people, then I don’t want to write. Let me Games let me just get this straight. I’m Games Okay. Um Games I-I haven’t Games I haven’t slept for weeks worrying about a new record, and Games and now you’re telling me that, um, there’s one sitting right in there. Nobody wants to hear it. Nobody wants to hear it? “Beyond These Walls” was Games was the, uh, soundtrack to my senior year of high school. “Fear of Falling” was all I listened to in college. And “Too Many Changes” is what got me through my first two weeks of living alone in New York City. I’m talking to you as a fan. Not as a suit, not as a manager. J-Just as a fan. I could give a what those record execs think about “Amazing Grace. Let’s release this album ourselves. Glen, you have a lot more albums in you to write. Perhaps you didn’t hear what I just said. Time to move on to something else. Something else? What something else? There is no something else! Sorry. I’m just not inspired. I’m gonna leave the band. ♪ Saturday we hit the town ♪ ♪ And these guys that we found ♪ Have you heard this demo? Oh, my gosh. This girl is great. No, I-I-I can’t Games I can’t talk about anything right now. Babe, maybe you should think about signing

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