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Fashion Days Dressup

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    Fashion Days Dressup Struggle marks? André, it’s not my first statement. Have you seen how clean the floor is? As if someone had erased all trace. Here she is. Have you found the body? Yes. It’s embalmed. But Game I have the embalmer’s testimony: “Mr Langford had a bruise on his left frontal lobe”. It’s consistent with my findings. He had a heart attack and fell head first. That’s how I found him. Nothing else? Plus a bruise on the back of his neck. This doesn’t kill a man. Yes, but it could be a needle mark. We have to do an autopsy. I doubt we learn something. To commit a crime, you need a motive, and I can’t see any. André? This. Check this out. I found this picture of le Cap Noir in Rosalie Richard’s bedroom. It was taken here. Langford must have given it to her. It proves she was connected. That’s right. It’s the same angle. You said he was their employee. He could just take a picture of the boat. Because it’s a lookout, OK? You see everything from here, you can keep on eye on the ocean to spot coast guards while the boat brings drugs, on the harbour for the police, and if there’s a problem, you let the crew know. For me, this is just the picture of a boat. The mayor’s boat. The mayor was too sick to deal with it himself. Have you got proof? Not yet, but with a surveillance team, we could Game Surprenant, I’m off to Montreal tomorrow with a suspect who almost left a sign saying he’s guilty. You can speak as much as you want about your theory. When I write my report, I’ll have you work here for a very long time. I might be biased, but I believe you. I know it’s hard to believe. The boat is not even centred. But still Game Hurry. Emmanuel Leblanc’s cabin. We’re boiling. Geneviève, go back to the station and compare it with the condom used to rape Rosalie. Also get the file on Emmanuel Leblanc’s suicide. Le Cap Noir just killed someone else. Correct. Get out and put your hands up! Cormier confessed. Albéni Thériault is in for drug import. Congratulations, André. You were right about the drug. Not only. Thériault might be connected to three murders.

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