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    And sticking through the mud at various places you can see pieces of towns. And out there are the trenches. One set for our men, one for the Boche. With thick wire fences in front of them. And time passes slowly. So, by way of amusement, one side will try to get in the other’s trench and bring back a man. And the score is for the night. May seem a bit slow, taking the enemy one by one, when there are millions more out there. It all helps to pass the time. Till Christmas, when the war’s going to end. Is it? dress up game, yes. We just don’t know which Christmas. We are winning? I’m not sure anyone knows. I fought in a battle which was an epic of futility. Noone could even speculate what the battle was supposed to achieve. In fact, there was never the slightest chance of achieving anything at all. Apart from the flower of British manhood being hurled to a squalid death. This isn’t like you, dress up game. I’m sorry. Most of us have been cured of any illusion we may have had about the pomp and glory of war and now know it as the vilest disaster that can befall mankind. War is nothing more than wallowing in a dirty ditch. Are you going back? Of course. ‘If you can live on bully and a biscuit ‘And thank your stars that you’ve a tot of rum ‘Dodge whizzbangs with a grin ‘And as you risk it, talk glibly of the pretty way they hum ‘If you can crawl through wire and crumpholes reeking ‘With feet of liquid mud ‘And keep your head turned always to the place which you are seeking ‘Through dread of crying you will laugh instead ‘If you can grin, at last when handing over ‘And finish well, what you have well begun ‘And think a muddy ditch a bed of clover ‘You will be a soldier one day then my son.’ Section, halt! Give us a cigarette, Dodd. We must be here. Because this, here, is over there. Where are we, dress up games? If I’m not mistaken, we’re back at Wipers. You sure, dress up games? Pretty sure. We’ve come a long way in the last months, haven’t we? I’d say approximately yards.

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