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Farm Girl Moda

Farm Girl Moda


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Farm Girl Moda Description

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Farm Girl Moda Vicki! Vicki, this is Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols. Come on in, boys. Let’s have a drink. Thanks, Jessie. I’ll see you around. I told Damien that I want to learn more about Satanism. And, um, and he invited me to an esbat. What the hell is that? I had to look it up. It’s a Games It’s a gathering of witches. It was in an open field, under the full moon. Damien drove me there in his car, it was a red Ford Escort. So me, Damien and Jessie Games The people were dressed all in black, and you couldn’t see their faces. And they started to undress each other. And I asked Damien to drive me home. I couldn’t stay ’cause I was so afraid. You were afraid. Afraid for your life? Yes, Games. I’m sorry but that sounds like a load of crap. Damien’s got no license. He doesn’t even drive. None of his friends or family have a red Ford Escort. I’m just telling you what she told me. And the esbat seemed to fit what Aaron had been telling us. About people painted black, chanting, doing what men and women do. But did you ever find any evidence to corroborate these tales Aaron and Vicki told you? Or anything that would link these murders to Damien? No physical evidence. But we got something else. We got Jessie’s confession. So Vicki’s plan failed, right? Damien gave her nothing. He never said anything that implicated them. Yeah, but Vicki’s plan got Jessie involved, which led him right into the lion’s den. They got their confession from him instead. And Jason Baldwin gets caught in the net just by picking the wrong friend. Ain’t that what our mamas always warned us about? Are they gonna put Aaron on the stand? Hell no. Have you seen those interview tapes? I mean, that kid’s talking about drinking from a bucket of blood. His story’s turned out to be nothing but pure fantasy. Ain’t nothing but lies. No way they’ll let the jury see how absurd his confabulations are. So the jury’s never gonna hear from this kid who’s been the catalyst for the entire case. Oh, but they did hear from him. Remember Gitchell’s ridiculous manipulations with the tape recorder?

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