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Fairylicious Cute Bride

Fairylicious Cute Bride


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Fairylicious Cute Bride Description

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Fairylicious Cute Bride While it is true Mary was a faithful woman And greatly honored to be his mother, The scriptures teach nowhere That she is to be deified or worshiped. Mary had always been important in ancient Christian history, But over the middle ages She becomes elevated almost to alooking at it detachedly Almost to the rank of a semiDeity. The virgin Mary was believed to be the one Who would speak up for guilty human beings To her supremely virtuous and judgmental And rather Censorius son. Very strange image, But that’s how the religious art of the period shows it. The bible does not venerate Mary as a special saint. It lifts her up as a pure, wonderful woman Used by god to give birth to the messiah. Yet, at the council of Nicea in , The church elevated Mary to the stature of a goddess And coMediator with Christ. Even as early as the late th century, Churches were being dedicated to the virgin Mary. But sadly, these were not the only errors That slipped in during this time. During the apostolic age, baptism was a sacred ceremony Reserved only for those old enough To make a rational decision for Christ. It was a public testimony Of accepting Christ and his forgiveness. Baptism literally represents being dead And buried to our old life And being resurrected, or born again, To a new life in Christ. It comes to be, in the course of the centuries, Seen more as a right of initiation into Christianity And so it begins happening at earlier stages of life, When you’re sort of in late childhood Or early adolescence and deemed ready, To make that commitment to your faith. The baptism ceremony was also performed in a lake or a river Where a person could be fully submerged, Signifying they were fully washed from their sins. The practice of baptism Was gradually altered by the church. Hundreds of years after Christ, Sprinkling and pouring were introduced As a more convenient mode of baptism. This actually undermined The powerful symbolism of the service And it contradicts the example of Jesus, Who was baptized by immersion. That continues

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