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Fairy Tales 4

Fairy Tales 4


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Fairy Tales 4 Description

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Fairy Tales 4 It’s not in his shoe He keeps it in a secret pocket in his underpants Pull him out Uncle Vova! Is he dead? Not necessarily. Take it easy, Patsak. Let’s find out Still alive Take off your pants, buddy What? Drop your drawers, professor! Defend yourselves! But I’m warning you: I used to be a boxer Easy there! I was joking. I’ve got the match. Here Will this desert ever end? No What about trees or seas? Trees and seas were all turned into lutz ages ago, buddy You mean ketse? Fuel, you fool. Fuel! What’s ketse, then? A drug? No Ketse is ketse Oh, Lord Game Koo. One, two, three Game TOLIK Here. Eat What is it? Plastic porridge And for Uncle Vova? Later Look, Patsak, I like you, so I’ll explain If you have a few ketses, you can wear yellow pants and a Patsak has to squat before you not once, but twice And do the “koo” If you have many ketses, son you can wear crimson pants And then both a Patsak and a Chatlanian have to do the “koo” before you And an ecilop has no right to beat you up at night Ever Tolik, give the match to me I’ll give you a pair of crimson pants at the Center I’m nobody It’s Uncle Vova who deserves crimson pants He’s the coolest The fiddler’s gone, buddy What do you mean? I pressed the and he flew away Say that again? We don’t need the fiddler, buddy. He was just a waste of fuel Uncle Vova? Uncle Vova? Turn back Don’t worry, we have an extra escape pod Brand new Turn back or I’ll burn this! Stop! Stop! Wait for me! Wait for me! Good day, I’m Game Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot You see, I had an accident Game I wanted to take a shower and the cabin just fell off Could you give me a lift to the Center Game ? This is a cello. A musical instrument I know them! They’re coming for me! I’m over here! Over here! “Koo” what? Stop kooing me! Stay here and keep out of sight. And don’t think about the match! Where’s Tolik? Right here, Uncle Vova Tolik, come out. That jerk saw you Koo, officer ecilop Give the match to the creep What match? Give it to him Officer ecilop, they’re hallucinating after the shampoo They drank all of my shampoo I thought I’d wash my hair after I teleported

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