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Fairies country

Fairies country


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PLAYED : 1697

Fairies country Description

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Edith, Edith, don’t do that. Don’t lean over like that. Says here the tower was completed in , the year that the United States entered the First World War. More than Middleton students enlisted for military service. Hmm. And there was a young woman by the name of Games a freshman, name of Matilda Reynolds, whose boyfriend, Seymour Sternshine, was among the newly minted doughboys. Upon his departure, she ascended the steps of this very tower and stood in the east window, facing Europe, of course, yeah, where she silently pledged her eternal love to him, vowing that she would rise into the tower at the same time each day until he returned safely from the war. Aww. Young love. And what happened? What happened? It says Games oh. Seymour was killed. Yeah, he was killed by Games by a stampede of rogue swine in the Loire Valley that also claimed the lives of almost all of his platoon except for his young brother, Ernest Sternshine, who was the bugle man who lived to tell the story. Apparently the high C notes drove off the rogue swine Games the very sensitive ears that their swine have. Seymour Sternshine. All right, so I have a little trouble playing poker in a brightly lit room. Come over here. Come over here. You can’t miss this. No, I’m good. There’s a nice breeze here. Huh? A nice breeze here. Come here. No. Yes. Yeah? Yeah. You’re afraid of heights? “Afraid” is a strong word. Let’s just say I try to organize my life in such a way where heights don’t really play into the equation. So you will open up a person’s chest with a very sharp knife, but you won’t stand over here by this railing? It’s a little more complicated than that, but pretty much, yeah. No. Come on. I will Games I’ll help you. No, listen Games I’ll help you. I will take care of you. I promise. I’ll take care of you. Edith. Come on. Game Edith, I can’t go over there. Game You can. Game No, I can’t. Game I’ll help you. Game No, I can’t go over there. Game Yes, you can. Listen to me very carefully. I’ll help you. Game Edith.

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