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Fabulous Spring Colors

Fabulous Spring Colors


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Fabulous Spring Colors Description

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Fabulous Spring Colors uack, quack Quack, quack, quack I’m gonna give you duck kisses Gonna give you duck kisses Quack, quack, quack Hey! Hi! Hey, I’m such a jerk. I told my friend Carson that I was gonna meet her, and I’m leaving you to do the dishes. No. I can Game I can take minutes Game No, don’t be crazy. Don’t be a crazy person. I’m Game You look so cute! Thank you! Hi. H-I. Yeah, very good. If you want to leave this, I can do it as soon as I get home. Oh, my God. Don’t be. It’s my life. That’s a terrible idea. Yeah, you don’t wanna leave it. Yeah. No, honestly Game Sorry. I’m worst. I’m so happy. I’m drinking and Game No, I’m good. Thank you. I’m gonna give you duck kisses Quack, quack, quack Bye, baby. Bye, Jude. Can you say bye? Can you say bye-bye? Bye-bye! Good boy! Hey, what are you doing tomorrow afternoon? Or morning-ish, -ish? Nothing. Okay. Do you think you could babysit for a few hours while Kelly goes out to brunch with some friends? Yeah, no problem. She didn’t want to ask you. She wanted me to ask you. Okay. But she will give you the rundown tomorrow. Cool. Okay. All right. Well, enjoy yourself. Okay, night. And, yes. Stay out as long as you want. Just come in. We’ll leave the side door open. And then I’ll get you your own set of keys tomorrow. Okay. Okay. Bye. Q-R-S-T Game Okay, you can sing by yourself. Go. Finish the song. Hi! Hey! How are you? Oh, my God. It’s so good to see you. It’s so good to see you. I’m so excited. How are you? Good. You put out all the Nick stuff? It’s good. You feel good? Yes. I feel mostly good. I mean, it’s gonna be hard. These things are hard. It’s gonna be hard and Game But in the long-run, I’m gonna be way happier, he’s gonna be way happier. Yeah. I’m just gonna stay strong. Yeah. Come on. Hi. Hi, how are you? Good! How are you? I still don’t know what this is. Oh. A loft space that looked like Game Hey, baby. I’m stealing her for one second. We’ll be back! I want you to meet Ezra and Megan. Hi! Hey, how are you? Hi. Hi. They’re not capable of independent thoughts. I need to pee really quick, guys. Okay.

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