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Fabulous Cool Princess

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  • Fabulous Cool Princess

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    is in the kitchen! Xiaowu. I know, you will come! Mayor, watch out! Duo Ian bu lu ye! Run! I abandoned my friend once. I’ll never do it again! I can’t beat that guy! See you. You will get killed. You’re a monster hunter. How come you help an outsider instead? He’s not an outsider. He’s my husband! What? Are you serious about what you just said? My dad said, A man and a woman should keep a distance. If they kiss, they must marry. Can we Games Cannot, cannot. No buts! I am the only one left Games in the Huo family. The responsibility to expand my family Games and have children and grandchildren Games is now all yours. Will it be too Games No, it won’t. We are running out of time. I know. I am under a lot of pressure too. We will do our best. Leave me alone. Xiaowu, take her away Games from my sight and leave. Take care, and don’t die. I’m not done arguing with you yet. Leave! Mo he qie di! Run! Why does it keep chasing me? Auntie Mo, please set the other villagers free. Take care! It’s our little king! Oh mama! So glad to see you again. Master, we have something important to do! Please let us go. Impossible! He’ll get killed. Another monster hunter helps monsters. Is this food? This is the main dish of the banquet. Raw baby monster king’s brain. This dish brings long life and stops you from ageing. It moves. Is it alive? Eating it alive offers the most benefits. We feed it with wine and make it half-drunk, then open a hole Games on the top of its head. The best way to enjoy this dish is to Games simply eat its brain while it’s fresh. What are you here? You know her? Is this a human Games or a monster? Want to find out? Sure. Grandma, she just helped pulling you out. Grandma? Why are you here? Two villagers Games bought me here so I can look for my son. Who are you? Tianyin. Who is she? I’m your.. granddaughter-in-law. Grandma. Come this way. Tianyin. Your dad Games left this sword for you. It has enormous power! Let me tell you. It’s best for chopping vegetables. You see Games It doesn’t matter.

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