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Excellent Grooming

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  • Excellent Grooming

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    .Hmm, excellent. Having managed to pick up a printing press, slightly soiled, at a very reasonable price,Excellent Grooming we have decided to produce a paper. There is much we would like to say in it, but the shadows of censorship enveloping us, cause us to refer to the war that we hear is taking place in Europe Careful. a cautious manner. We apologise for any shortcomings in production of our paper on account of Editorial inexperience? Quite so. We hope to publish The Times weekly, despite the attentions of Messrs Hun and co. Our local rivals. Excellent! And we take this opportunity of stating that we accept no responsibility for the views expressed. We? Yes. Excellent GroomingAnd we disassociate ourselves from any statements in the advertisements. Well, that bit’s trueExcellent Grooming. There are no advertisements. No? Why Not? There’s a problem with potential advertisers such as theatres, restaurants, hotels, small businesses et cetera Well, what’s the problem? There aren’t any. They’ve all been blown to buggery. Is that anywhere near Poperinghe? No, it’s not. And you didn’t hear that, dress up game, did you?

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