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Excellent Grooming Adventure

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  • Excellent Grooming Adventure

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    If you could pay one, or give him some money Games Nothing. I don’t have, I can’t, I don’t want to! All right, Ignacio, don’t get mad. Maybe don Santos sold our radio, or wants to give us some money Do whatever you want! He just picked up the documents. Follow him. I’ll go back to the alley and see what’s up. In an hour, speak to the boss’ office. How’s it going, mate? How’s it going? Are you going to the journal office? Yes, I will leave my article for tomorrow. So will I. Man, what do you think about the Armando Ruelas murder? Would you do me a favour, mate? Tell me. Give my article to editor López Chavez. Not coming? I will go later, I have to go home. That’s not the way home. Yes, but I have to go see someone first. Then I’ll see you, mate It was good greeting you. Same. Good evening, madame. Good evening. Do you have some money? Octavio, I won’t be long. Come with me, please. Thank you. Good night. Why don’t you go back through the attic, Julieta? I don’t want to make you climb, Santos. Any way I have to climb for the storage room. Well if you say so.. Good night, don Santos. I’ll walk you, Julieta. Julieta. What’s the matter? Where is he? Who? You know who we’re looking for, don’t play the fool. Who is with you? I am alone with my brother. Look for him. Games Games Games Don’t be scared, I’m a police officer. What do you want? I am looking for a man hidden here at your home. At my home? You haven’t seen him? Games Not here. Not here either. How about that door? It’s closed from the inside. In the attic perhaps. What about that door? Thats the other house’s. Open it! Open it yourself like you did with my door. Where does it take? To the bazaar. One moment. Are you saying you’re alone with the boy? yes. There are three cups here. So what? The one we’re looking for was about to have dinner with you. If you don’t want any trouble, tell us where he is. The one who was about to have dinner? Yes, where is he? Handing his article to the journal editor. What are you saying? Is it so strange that my husband work

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