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    There are not finished. don’t distress me. Why not finished? Why not finished? But Mr. director, our fashion show was supposed to be in two months time. And, all of the sudden? th. Certainly, it will be. Not a day before, not a day after. days? How amusing. I am not a robot. Most of all I would need Game Games Game Just say what you need. From the legal and financial point of view, That is why I am here. The thing I need you cannot give. Why, not even me, the director? Unfortunately, not even you. What I need is an inspiration. The inspiration? Finance, provide it to Mr. Bora at once. The inspiration. Understood. Cousin, the inspiration. Come on Sonja, come on time. Games Sure. Look at those cumuluses. Is he going to break the record today? Games Let’s go. Bye Sonja. Games Bye. Thank you for the ride Mr. Mirko. Games Goodbye Hello Mirko. Games Hello. We, glider pilots, has never thank you properly. To give you a ride. I am always ready. Just waiting for you to call me. Oh no, I am inviting you. Inviting you personally. All right, I am always available. “Boarding call to passengers. ” Hello. Ah no please Jezebel. Like it is a kind of science Game Game history of art. Storytelling, frescoes, monasteries, ocher color and Game the degree. Well, but one has to talk. Women and technology. Just keep quiet Jova. This sister is expert for you in at least in one thing. And what would be that, if I may ask? Flying on thermal winds, if you want to know. Well kids, to stop theoretical discussions, just listen to uncle Jova. Today is good thermal, so let’s see who is going to be the first out. It’s a deal. Games Right away. The situation is not rosy. So, you can put out of your mind the plan of going for the summer holiday together. And the number of unplanned flights must be halved. To be halved? I could hardly wait for the summer. I don’t mind so much about the holiday, The theater is always there for me Game but flying Game That is not right Mr. Principal.

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