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Ever After High Ying Yang Babies Adventure

Ever After High Ying Yang Babies Adventure


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Ever After High Ying Yang Babies Adventure Description

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Meet me there! GUNSHOT HONKING CONTINUES LOCK BEEPS GROANING Ah! Damn it, my son’s in there! Dad! Dad! Buckle up. ENGINE REVS ! MUSIC PLAYING GRUNTS ENGINE REVS ATV REVS Get down and stay down! Stop that. We’re just gonna play a game. It’s called Dukes of Hazzard. MUSIC PLAYING GUNSHOT . Don’t shoot! Hey! Please stop! Get down, and stay down! ENGINE STALLS Dad! Don’t in’ move! My son is in that car. Was there another officer out here with that man? Yeah. He’s dead. MUSIC PLAYING POLICE RADIO CHATTER INDISTINCT SHUTTER CLICKS SOBBING Shh. I’m sorry. SOBBING Danny MUSIC PLAYING Goddamn shame. Laura, come here. Have you talked to anyone about what happened this morning? No, Dottie wasn’t home. I couldn’t call. You sure? What about the cop who drove you here? What’d you tell him? Nothing. Nobody else saw this? Nobody else heard this, nobody heard any in’ gunshot? All right, listen. Danny and I never came back to the cabin this morning, got it? Okay. We went out for our hunt We went out for our hunt, and this is the first you’ve seen me since.

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