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Emo Girl

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    Emo Girl Description

    Games I am so sorry, EmDress Up Game Games Why didn’t you answer your phone? I’m sorry Em. Is this vomit? I threw up. Oh, sweetieDress Up Game What happened? Dad made me go on Space Mountain. I didn’t make him go. You took him on Space Mountain?! What’s wrong with you? Did you black out again? He could barely handle the tea cups! You didn’t think Space Mountain would freak him out? Thanks. Thanks so much. Did she eat? No, she did not. Games Well why not? Games I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her? Why didn’t you eat, baby? Come on, let’s go. Wait, wait, Em, what? You wanna go lie down with Mommy? Games Yeah. Games No, wait! I don’t wanna go, I wanna stay here with you. Fine, fine. Alright fine. I’ll stay here with her. Okay, fine. Wait wait wait, EmDress Up Game Em. What? Alright. Feel better, little man. Come on Elliot, let’s go. We’re gonna go lie down. Feel better, honey! I’ll see you back at the hotel. Games You’re not hungry? Games No. At all? Oh I’m gettin’ the train, honey. Alright ready? Here we go. Bleagh. That’s not funny, is it? There we go. C’mon, let’s go. Fun, huh? Wow, look at this! Look at this. Hey, hey, come here. Come on. I’ve seen enough of this tree house. Let’s get down. Do some other fun stuff. Excuse me. Wooh. Wow. Here we are on a new island. Come on! I’m coming, I’m coming. Games Come on! Games I’m coming. Come on. Here it comes. Keep goin’! Whoa, Jesus Christ. I’ll be right there, sweetie. Where are we going? Whoa, are we serious? Can we go down there? Alright. This is cool! Ouch. I think I’m too fat for this cave, honey. I smashed my head. Sweetie wait, Sara. Not do fast, not so fast. Sara? Honey? Honey. Honey, where did you go? Honey? Okay, Sara, it’s not funny. Games Ooh! Games Ugh! Sara? It hurts. Sara! Sara. Is that your name? There you are. He pushed me. See, they kind ofDress Up Game bumped into each other. Tell your kid to watch where he’s going next time. Come on, honey, let’s go. Are you having lots and lots of fun? Dress Up Game. I went on Snow White and wasn’t afraid of the witch ’causeDress Up Game she was just pretend.

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