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Emma Watson Celebrity Makeover Tİme

Emma Watson Celebrity Makeover Tİme


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Emma Watson Celebrity Makeover Tİme Description

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Emma Watson Celebrity Makeover Tİme Yeah, yes, ma’am. Do you have family in Seattle? I’m going for treatment. Oh, okay. I’m doing the tandem autoallo transplant at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Wow. For nonHodgkin’s lymphoma. How’s Jane doing? She’s still kind of got the grunges, she’s got a cold. Aww. That’s why she’s not here. Is she gonna be able to come out? At some point, yeah, at some point. We just don’t know when yet. Okay. Oh, they have beautiful stone markers here. Beautifully engraved stone markers here. Okay, we have to check those out game I want you to see what they look like ’cause I’d like something like what they have here. Okay, let’s see. They’re beautiful, they’re really beautiful. Okay, okay. What’s Jane doing? Have you guys figured that all out yet? We haven’t. I think, in general, we’ve been talking along the lines of her dividing her time between Durham and Connecticut, where her daughters live with their father. And at some time, have her come out to visit me in Seattle, but not take any responsibility as a caregiver, so she doesn’t have any of those duties and stresses. It’d be a lot better for her. Clark, he’s in a different space emotionally. He doesn’t have the anger that he had, either. He was really bummed out, he didn’t want anyone wearing a dark suit anywhere near him. But you really saved that. Well, and so did you. You told him, “Don’t give up,” you don’t ever give up. But I’m lucky I had you on the ground because we wouldn’t have been able to do anything else, you know? I’m glad it worked out the way it did. Are you still practicing? No. When did you stop practicing? I stopped in . That’s the year I was diagnosed. Was diagnosed, okay. So, how have you been keeping sane? Because you seem incredibly sane and together. I would be a complete basket case. I would be a complete basketcase. What do you mean, “would be”? I think everybody has different ways of coping with different kinds of life crises. And I’ve found that, for me, that having really explored and exhausted the options available at my own resources,

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