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Emma Watson Celebrity Makeover Adventure

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  • Emma Watson Celebrity Makeover Adventure

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    Emma Watson Celebrity Makeover Adventure Description

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    I simply presented Ted with an alternative. His methods may seem a little unorthodox, but you can’t argue with the results. After your little stunt in college! The only school that would take me was this university in Romania. But it turns out, it had a very unique MBA program, a whole new paradigm in business management What? Turning your employees into vampires? That’s sick! Evan, this company was sick. Employees calling in with fake, dead grandmothers so that they could go out to the ballpark. Video game tournaments during office hours, and look at your browser histories. I know you watch porn all day. That was mainly mine. At least now we have a future. Yeah, funny your usage of the word “we” there. What’s that supposed to mean? Max was gonna ing eat you. I saw it in his files. Why do you think he hasn’t turned you yet, Ted? He was going to turn me last. Make it special with candles. Oh. That makes sense. You were going to force me out? Hey, quick, while you still have time, Ted. Fire this games games Oh god! It actually works. He really did that. That is the worst part of this job. Firing people. Oh, shit. Jeez. He just games Hey, Mandy. His neck games Have you not been listening this entire time? We are vampires. That’s what we do. We get games Still sounds so weird saying vampires. So you just do it? It’s true. Amanda you got to start working on your stubbornness if you want to be a part of the team. Oh! your team, Max! I’m taking Amanda and we’re walking out of here un-undead. Is that so? Yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do that. Oh. Okay. Okay? Well, show yourselves out. Can I have a thing, maybe a games This will do. Bye, gang. Okay, yeah. See you guys. See you, man. You got that? You got the door? Back up. Back up! Holy shit! Are all these people vampires? Yes, ma’am. Mandy, I don’t want to die without telling you how I really feel. Well, then shut the up, so you have a reason to survive this shit. So what now, Colonel? Honestly, I have no idea. I never thought we’d live this long. To think you came to rescue me and you didn’t plan an escape?

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