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Elsa is Having a Baby 21

Elsa is Having a Baby 21


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Elsa is Having a Baby 21 Description

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Elsa is Having a Baby 21 Thank You. Riccardo. Get cigarettes and please the white mint chewinggums, okay? Thank You. Hello. Hello my dear. Look! What? Damn. Run! Where? Damn! What is now happening again? Have you not seen her? Who? In the car! Who was that? It was Patty Pravo! Stop this nonsense. She was there, I swear. Yes, certainly. She even talked to me. Patty Pravo? Yes! And what did she say? She said:”Ciao.” “Ciao” game something. The goddess! Oh, Dany, you’ll never grow up. You and your imagination.You have each other’s, to keep each other safe. Promise me you’ll do that game always. There! Deploy Amun division to the north, Ra division to the center game and Ptah to the South. And we hold Seth in reserve. In reserve? Yes. We should concentrate our strength in the center. You should concentrate yours on fighting. Leave the generalship to me. Fire! Fire! Charge! Take ramses! Go! Go! Turn around! Turn around! Moses! Moses! Moses! Moses. What happened out there? Nothing. I asked the commanders the same thing. They, too, lied. And I’m tired of it. He thinks something happened. But it didn’t. Meaning? The high priestess, her prophecy. She said she couldn’t see who would win. The other one. “The leader will be saved, and game ” so on. You saved my son’s life? Yes. Sit. “Thank you” is not sufficient, but game thank you. I know you don’t believe in omens or prophecies game But I do believe. And I respect that. But this isn’t anything. This doesn’t even make any sense. Because you’re not my blood. Yes. It’s true, you can’t succeed me. Not in the usual way. Not in any way. In any way imaginable, sitting here. It’s horrible to say this about one’s own son, but I game trust you more than him to lead. “The Hittite chariotry crashed through our defense and began its attack. “I found myself surrounded by the enemy game “No soldier, no shieldbearer game “Facing a desperate fight for my life. “Only with the help of the gods did I defeat our attackers, “and rejoin Ra division.” Stop there. Anything you’d like to rephrase? No. Shall I go on? No, I’m sure the rest is fine. What’s next? Pithom. What about it? The situation. The slaves. Fine. Ramses. What? Go up there, meet with the viceroy, look around, make a report. Me? It will be yours someday. Take an interest in it. What else? I’ll go to see the viceroy. No. I’ll go. It’s beneath you. It’s beneath any general. I’ll do it. Ramses, can we forget what happened on the battlefield? If our positions had been reversed, I would’ve saved your life, too. I know. I know.

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