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Elsa is First Having a Cute Baby

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  • Elsa is First Having a Cute Baby

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    Elsa is First Having a Cute Baby Description

    Elsa is First Having a Cute Baby, Elsa is First Having a Cute Baby Games, Play Elsa is First Having a Cute Baby Games

    Don’t force my hand! Don’t move. Or we both lose. These years have been a living hell. I’ve stayed alive just so I can see you die! I have your son now. Do you want him to die with you?! Fine. I’ll give my life to your family today. No funny business. Otherwise, I swear Games you will never see your son again. Move! Get out! Sir Games He’s my son. I’ll save him myself! Shen, let Wei Bang go! We’re after Gu Ming Shan, not him! You’re in love with him, so he’s my enemy, too! Kong Shen Games I thought you’re here to avenge your family. This seems like petty jealousy to me. Shut up! You couldn’t control your libido. You already had five wives, but you still wanted to take Jin. When she said no, you burned my family alive! You murderer! You know what this is. Jin wanted to leave you. She came to me. She said she wanted a better life. Who is it? She’s from the acrobat troupe. In times of turmoil, everyone needs a way to survive. That’s bull! That’s impossible. Sis wouldn’t do that! Even if it was a misunderstanding Games you took all those lives. How can you live with yourself? I may have killed before, but I’m not beyond reason. A woman isn’t worth getting blood on my hands. Wei Bang. It was your mother who set the fire. We’re sorry, sir. That was a new trick. We wish the Young Master a peaceful birthday. That was quite a trick. What’s your name? Kong Jin. Bring her to me. That man is deplorable. Even if it costs me my life, I won’t let him lay a hand on you. Why are you all standing there? Pack up and leave! Move it! Start packing! Go to hell. All of you! I’ll wipe you all out! I didn’t blame your mother for what she did. I blame Jin. The turkey who wanted to be a phoenix. Don’t you dare talk about Jin that way! I’ll kill both Of you! Father! I’m a soldier. I’ve had my share of bullet wounds. I hid the truth from you all along because I don’t want you to have tainted memories of your mother. Father. I’m sorry. You finally called me father. Enough, already! Kill them both! Stop playing the victim. The moment you took your first

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