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Elsa is First Having a Baby

Elsa is First Having a Baby


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Elsa is First Having a Baby Description

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You just come from there? Yeah. R and R, but before then though, yeah. Were you there when Bry Budd got killed? Team medic. I saw him when he came in. Brave er should get something for it. Yeah, too right, mate. Too right. We spent five weeks up there with our arses hanging out. I was there the night they hit the tower. I heard about that. There was Pete Thorpe, Hashmi and a terp listening to all the icomm chatter. Told us to get down, knew something was coming, then it took them all out. Aye. Anyway. You on selection, that you? Yeah, maybe. I ed my knee on the hill two years ago. One shot left. Gill’s not exactly crazy about it, like. What, your missus? Fiancée. Still do it though, yeah? My uncle’s an SSM in Hereford, mate. Wouldn’t let me hear the end of it if I didn’t. How about you? I don’t know Game Game maybe in a few years. Yeah, good. Shh, shh, shh, shh. Dog biscuits? Best mate’s wife sends ’em out. Yah. There a lot of mines out there? Mate, this whole country’s full of shit left behind when armies ed off. Roads, tanks, mujahideen. Russians it was the mines. Ten million mines. Come on. God knows what we’re going to leave behind. Come on. Aye up. Looks like Kajaki Jon was right for once. Definitely stopped that motor. Yeah they’re pulling them out the back. It’s two adults, looks like, er, two children. Cash changing hands. Well, that’s an illegal vehicle checkpoint on the six one one, Corporal Pearson. Militia threatening and extorting money from civilians. Well that explains that about last night. Range? Two-five, two-eight? To far for a snipe. Not from here, yeah. What about a mortar? Nah, civvies. There’s a possible firing position, ridge to the south. Brings ’em in range. Dunno, there’s a lot of deep ground out there. Cannae see any ground sign. Could take the goat track down. Smudge’s been laying trip flares down there, right? Well Game at least it ain’t just another day on Mount Longer. it. We need to OK this with Spud, alright? Right, go and give the ladies a shout, get a plan together. I’ll meet you back here

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