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Elsa And Jack Best Love

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  • Elsa And Jack Best Love

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    Elsa And Jack Best Love Description

    Elsa And Jack Best Love , Elsa And Jack Best Love Games, Play Elsa And Jack Best Love Games

    Go over to BB’s, pick something up and take it over to RayLo. I could do that, man. We need to get this popping. For real. Yo, what up, yo? What’s good, RayLo? What’s going on, big man? Hear you working with Primo now. Yeah, man. What’s up? Think you big time, yo? Shut the up, man. Yeah, you pussy. Shut the up, man. What up, man? What you mean, shut the up? You heard me. You know where you at right now? I know exactly where I’m at. Where you at right now? Where you at right now? You gonna do something right now? This is Lo’s block, man. You work for Primo, man. Shut the up, man. What happened, man? What up? What you mean, what up? Yo, man. Yo, keep your es tamed, yo. You know where you at, man? Keep your es tamed, yo. What happened? Chill out. Chill out. You got that? With the business, man. Hey, yo, tell your man I said what’s up, man. Be safe in these streets, man. you, man. Get the outta here. Tell your boy to take his tampon out, yo. All right. outta here, yo. Funny man. Tank-top ass, rookie niggas. Swag off the boat And I’m just hopping in the moat her up like a bad No more side sit, doing the high flip fly, flip fly Flip fly, high tip Motherer, get outta here Hello? Yo, P. Man, that ain’t touched down yet. He left a hour ago though. Well, I guess you got a problem, homey. All right. Heard. What up? Yo, what’s good? Hey. What’s up? Nothing. Just hanging out. What up, Ang? Hey. What are you doing? Man, I’m about to game I gotta go run real quick. Where are you going? Don’t ask questions, babe. Just stop asking questions. I’m good. You good? Yeah. All right. I’m gonna holla at you, all right? Yo, Ang, I’m gonna holla at you. What’s up? We all good? Yeah, we good. Took the long route home? I ain’t know you was timing me. Why you looking at me like that? What happened? What game What happened? RayLo just called. He ain’t get the package. What? Had a nice stroll? Nah game Yo, Primo, man, I gave him the package. Well, seems like we got a problem then. Grip everybody up. I mean, get ’em all together.

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