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Elegant Fairy Princess Dress Up

Elegant Fairy Princess Dress Up


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Elegant Fairy Princess Dress Up Description

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Elegant Fairy Princess Dress Up A dualzur model with a magnetic . Look Does it work? What do you take me for? Like clockwork Listen for yourself So you’ll buy it? Guys, there’s a man selling a gravitsapa there. Do we want it? Later. First we need the address Yellow pants! “Koo” twice! Want some mirages? What mirages? Good mirages Tsarapkin, is that you? Game Tolik, you’re like, woah! You should have called and said you were going to Pluke Your mom is totally freaking out I tried. Couldn’t get the signal Uncle Vova, this is Lida Game from the ninth grade Hello Hi. I saw you on TV Tolik, are there any clubs around here? I don’t know, I haven’t checked yet Cool. Do you want me to kiss you? Sure Pay up. Two chatles For what? For the mirage Want to see more? Don’t buy it, Tolik. That’s a pirated mirage Let’s go. I have a legal copy The adult version Think the diameter of your planet’s orbit The diameter of the orbit? Yes, the diameter. Are you deaf? x pi x radius, Uncle Vova. Two pi R? No, that’s something else Give her one of your hairs Why? She’ll extract the coordinates from your DNA, buddy It’s dyed It’s not dye. It’s conditioner Doesn’t matter. The structure is damaged Pull one out from your nose. There’s one sticking out Shut up Do you use conditioner on your nose hair too, Hiawatha? You give me one No problem Shampoo? Yup, the real thing. From Vietnam. Mom bought it in town This will do This will take a minute. You can call Earth in the mean time That’s great! Think your phone number With the area code? Hello? Who’s this? Speak up Say something. Time’s ticking Mom, hi! How are things? Tolik! Tolik! Is that you? Tolik? Tolik, where are you? I’m at Uncle Vova’s country house Uncle Vova’s? Tolik, why did you go see that snob? I told you not to! Mom, he can hear you Time’s up. Over and out Hey, that sounded like Yelena Mashkova That’s right Wait a minute. You said your mother was Yelena Tsarapkin Look, fiddler, his mother married his father And so she became a Tsarapkin Understand? Remember this once and for all, Patsaks The number of your planet is Uzm in the Spiral, in the Tentura Tolik

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