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Elegant Bridal Gowns

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  • Elegant Bridal Gowns

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    Have you got any girlfriends? Dress Up Games No, not yet I’m sure it will come but not yet I think I would very much like to. Dress Up Games become involved in a family, my own family for a start that’s a need that I feel I ought to fulfill and would like to fulfill and would do it well I mean I do think a lot of people think too much about it What happened when you burnt your fingers? I’d rather not talk about it really well no infact I don’t really mean that I mean I don’t mean that I don’t want to talk about it it’s just that I’d need quite a long time to think about it I think I’m possibly getting a little serious and don’t quite understand the modern way of behaving in a modern manner I think I’m a little old fashioned at o’clock I’m going to come and pick you up from art, you’ll only have one art lesson so if your art teacher forgets at five to three ask her to say we should be finishing and I’ll come and get you So there you were, you went to a posh preparatory school and a major public school and to Oxford and now you’re in a council flat teaching in this school in the Eastend of London you don’t feel any sense of disappointment? No because what I’m trying to do at the moment and achieve is difficult it may not sound difficult in the sense that you could sum up what I do quite simply but behind all that it is very difficult I certainly find it’s satisfying achieving successes there may come a time when I decide I can’t do it and that’s not neccessarily weakness, that may be a strength that you realise you can’t do it as well as you wish I think the most important thing in the world is everyone should know about god it all springs from Dress Up Games loving god and christ I suppose you try and do that as best as possible and let that lead your actions in life Does it sadden you when you meet people who don’t believe in christianity Yes if they dismiss it casually, if they dismiss it as just being something “oh well we know a part of that, we got a bit of it at school and it doesn’t really mean that much

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