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Elegant beauty Style Time

Elegant beauty Style Time


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if things do not get better soon, compromise his orientation. Let me be clear about this, I don’t want to give the feeling that the situation is very bad. Matthieu had a good first year, good results. That’s why at the end of this first year, Matthieu was already talking about biological engineering, about the school, right? It’s a project you thought about a lot, it’s very good. Very well structured. We validated it, at the end of the first year, as a coherent project. However, the results of the st quarter are not as good as they should be. Let me remind you that it’s a demanding area, very selective. For this st quarter, it is a little below expectations. What can you tell us, Matthieu, about the situation? I don’t know, maybe too much pressure, Because, as I really want to get into that school, I put a lot of pressure to myself. And then, also Games Unfortunately, I missed the latest exam of biology. I really missed it. Because I learned that there is another exam Next week and the teacher told me that this one was important for the school I worked, worked, worked on it and unfortunately Games Yes, well Games Now, your results are down a little, so this is why it was important for us to meet, to discuss, and for me to alert you. So that at the nd quarter, and we’re sure of that, we go back to the level required to get in that school. Maybe you put too much pressure on yourself before the exams. Maybe. At home, I have the feeling that Games He works. He is at the level. But often, the note is not related to the work he has done. It’s necessary to focus, you have to understand that you can do it, So keep working, but stay focused. You say: “I work, I work, I work Games ” So either this is not working very well, or you have something else on your mind. Whatever. But the goal is the engineering school. Here, Sir. OK. You know why you are here? Not at all. You don’t know why you are here? You forgot to pay for an item. No, they are here. Yes Sir, you forgot to pay for an item. Which item? Ah, you know which one.

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