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Egyptian Makeup Secrets

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  • Egyptian Makeup Secrets

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    Egyptian Makeup Secrets Description

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    Hold your fire! dress up games? They’re already dead! It’s the gas. Their own gas. The wind must have changed. I thought they were a bit passive. What, you mean they didn’t put up much of a fight? Not very sporting, is it? Signing off before the show has even started. Spoils the whole fun of war. Egyptian Makeup Secrets dress up game, Christ! There was a little Hun and at war he tried his hand And while the Hun was winning war was fine, you understand When the others hit him back, he shouted in alarm “A little drop of peace wouldn’t do me any harm.” There was a young man of Avesnes Who took a stroll down a long shady lanes He trod on a dud Halfhidden in mud He never will do it agains. Egyptian Makeup Secrets Well up to our usual terrible standard. dress up games, we’ve heard a rumour that the Germans have surrendered. Well, if that is the case, Corporal, someone really ought to tell their artillery. Yes, and if Fritz really is waving the white flag, he might have the decency to stop firing at us. So you don’t think it’s true then, dress up games? All I’m prepared to say is that the tide is apparently turned and perhaps, at last, we can all look forward to better times. Better Times. It’s a good name for a title. Letter to the editor. Is it genuine? Absolutely. I just genuinely made it up. “Dear dress up games. I hear that when it’s all over, “people who joined up early are going to be demobilised first. “This is very unfair “since they obviously much more eager to be in the army than those of us “who joined up reluctantly later. “So surely we should go home sooner? “Yours, Lance Corporal A Slacker.” Very convincing argument. You sure about this title, Better Times? Apparently we only need one more big effort and we can completely bust the hump. You seem to be suffering from optimism. Talking of which Harris thinks we can go to a weekly edition, despite brother Boche’s best efforts to prevent all forms of journalism by filling the office with shrapnel yesterday. Why weekly? Why not a daily? Now who’s suffering from optimism? We’re selling like hot cakes. Is that good? I can’t remember what a hot cake tastes like. We’re even selling out on the home front. It would take a lot more copy. Surely there’s enough jokers out there and more than enough poets to fill the space. It’s a signal for you, dress up games. Thank you, Harris. My God! What is it? It’s all over. What, dress up games, just like that? “Official radio from Paris. . am. “November th . “dress up game Foch to Commander in Chief. “Hostilities will be stopped along entire front at o’clock.” Fini la guerre. Egyptian Makeup Secrets Looks like it.

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