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Editor’s Pick: Spa Best Day

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  • Editor’s Pick: Spa Best Day

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    Ancient Religions. Could I learn how to pilot a car? Yeah. You know, I don’t see why not. Just have to get you a learner’s permit. GREG: Hey, that would be fun. You’re supposed to take a couple classes and a written test, but I’d take you out, show you the ropes. BELL DINGING It sounds like the great chimes of Enow. Oh, does it? Do you want to answer the door? James. Just the man I was looking for. Wait, where’s all your soldier stuff? Huh? I’m off duty right now. Now look, there’s no way I could get you everything on that list, all right? But Forensics does have more evidence than they know what to do with. So, I figured they wouldn’t miss a couple items like GASPS The Sortis Crystal! That’s what I thought. Yeah, and I found this in back. It wasn’t on the list, but Bortep’s staff! I thought that was stuck in a time flux. I don’t know what that is but it’s got a nice weight to it. And last but not least, one of these bad boys. That’s Brigsby. Yeah? I assumed. Look, it holds a cassette in the back. It’s nice. And is Do I get to have it? You could hold on to it. All right? I’m not technically supposed to have this stuff. So, nothing in public, right? Thank you. This is so dope as shit. You’re welcome. Yes! Very dope as shit, huh? Hey, can you grab some more of the stuff? Sure. Sorry about that, Mr. Pope. I hope I wasn’t intruding today. No, not at all. But I will say, this transition we’ve been going through hasn’t exactly been easy, as you know. Oh, I can imagine. Listen, I’m just trying to help. That’s the thing, actually. This Brigsby business I realize James is a big fan, but all this stuff These aren’t collector’s items we’re talking about. These are tools used by very sick people to imprison my son. Right. Of course. I’m sorry. I just I just wanted to help him with this movie of his. He’s making a movie? What else you got here? GASPS Brizzle Wizzle, what? He’s one of the most powerful Wizzles, except for when he works with Tizzle! Sorry. Quasar. If we act fast, it should give us enough power to blast all the way

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