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Editor’s Pick: Super girl

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  • Editor’s Pick: Super girl

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    Well , it takes two hours walking . But if you really want to go , then we will . No problem. I think it’s very clever . I will not oppose it . Pray ? Believe in God ? Saleh , ” skillful man ” ? Think you ‘re smart ? Your stupid . I can not get the tire. I’ll see . Toma. Take the feathers . As well . Okay Your hands never did. What do you know about my hands ? Let me see . They like them cared . What are you doing with it ? For cash ? It is not love. You have a girlfriend ? I have someone I care about. Do not overdo it may end up like me . My name is Scott . Saleh . What are you doing here , Saleh ? This fixing things . And you ? Working with numbers . Do the numbers grow. I run a fund in New York . I’m very rich and greedy I grow people’s money . My wife is a beautiful example the world. Seems to be able to control it . He is a beast , and has a gun . If he tries anything , I hope it helps me . Will be well paid . It’s our only way out . The man who wanted to kill him , already agreed . Here, Travis . Drink this . Surely he knows nothing , but is wary . No use has my watch . How can you be so stupid ? Hey, what are you talking about? Nothing . He was moving his lips? I asked him his name. Must be able to remember Or at least be interested in their welfare . This sweating , princess . I know you hate , but it’s healthy. Otherwise , stay with a temperature  Body degrees minutes. Smoking increases the temperature of the body and have a narcotic effect . We avoid accidents , we have many accidents here . Why do you care about me ? It’s a good question . When I was in college, drank and enjoyed the summer . A dirty, nasty job . But I learned two very important things . As the heat affects the brain , and what people will do for money . Which brings us at this moment. Look Mr. Travis Trimble , East nd Street , New York . Born in Sydney in . arrived Manhattan with a work visa Where hard work and ambition led him to the construction industry .

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