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Editor’s Pick: Spa Day

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  • Editor’s Pick: Spa Day

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    I think she looks pretty good. Trust me, Beth. You don’t want her on your team. Why not? Let’s put it this way. When she hears the word “hoedown,” she hits the floor. Okay. I best be goin’. Oh. You didn’t like the cake? No, it was delicious. I am just Game I gotta save room for dinner. Oh. You got such a nice figure, Beth. Well, maybe us practicin’ together, gettin’ in shape for the games Game would be a good way for you to get your figure back. I’m sorry, Beth. I just can’t. Well, we are practicin’ Thursday night Game if you change your mind. Basketball. That’s a great idea, raising money for Tess’s memory. You know, she was the only one who didn’t turn on me in high school. When my fourth marriage ended, she showed up at my house with a U-Haul to help me move. And she was going through radiation and chemo at the same time. Bald as a baby’s bottom. Well, I had no idea. Yeah. She was really somethin’. I hope this goes well for y’all. Well, we want you to be on the team. I can’t. Why not? Well, a certain high school girls’ basketball coach. I heard it was messy. Oh, honey, you don’t know the half of it. That skank humiliated me in divorce court. Took the house and didn’t have to pay a dime in alimony. .. No, I’m not gonna lose to him again. Who says we’re gonna lose? Has your elevator stopped going to the top floor? Thanks, but no, thanks. Well, we’re practicin’ Thursday night at : if you change your mind. And remember, this is for Tess. Bye. Shannon, will you quit readin’ that thing and get back to work. It’s not like this job is hard. Well, I’m goin’ for a smoke break. Okay. They’re your lungs. They are. Mom? Mom? What are you doing here? I’m meeting with Coach Slaughter to schedule the games. Oh, God. I can’t believe you’re really serious about this. I mean, personally, Mrs. H., I just wanna say Game I think it is so brave that y’all are gettin’ back out on the court Game after all these years. Well, thank you, Millie.

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