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Edge Dress up

Edge Dress up


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Edge Dress up Description

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Edge Dress up Urine sample results. Thanks. Excellent. Really excellent. It all works perfectly well. One more box before the races and then you’ll have a pause. Can you hear me, Anna? Get dressed and wait outside. Hi. Hi. How did the checkup go? The tests? Well, the results are great. This is not the B, is it? What have you been giving me? How long have you been doing it? Since when? Since February. Why? I thought it was worth it if it helped you get to the Olympics. But you knew I didn’t want it. It’s been awful for me too, you know? But I do it for your own good. You must live a different life. Different? What would change? What are you talking about? Anna, I want you to emigrate. I meant to tell you when the time is right. How could you think I’d agree? I’m not staying here with you anymore. All I want is to let you live a normal free life, study, train under better conditions. And mostly to prevent you from being forced into taking this shit. Marek found a Frenchman whom I could marry and then I would join you. So you’ve planned it thoroughly! Of course I have! Anna, you can’t stay in this country. That’s what you say! Not me. Don’t you see that Stromba is just one of those things? It could be anything! You might end up like me, a cleaning lady, or even in the jail! Mum, you’ve lied to me giving me that shit! You’re just like them! At least try to understand! Annie, I’m sorry! You did the right thing, Anna. You heard my parents. They agree. Is it ok with them if I sleep here? They said you can stay until you find your own place. It’s nice of them. Dad understands because he knows what this Stromba can do to you. I really can’t go to KarlMarxStadt. Why? I’m completely doped up. Nonsense. You must go there. You can’t give up now. I want to be proud of you. You have to win. Good evening. Anna doesn’t want to talk to you. Could you tell her to come back home, please? Well done, girls. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Tomas, please. What’s going on here? Nothing. We’re decorating next week. You should have told me. I could help you.

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