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Edge Dress up Adventure

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  • Edge Dress up Adventure

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    Edge Dress up Adventure Description

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    Let’s go out on the dory. What’s there to be afraid of? What’s underneath, right? Hey there, Mr. Stello. How’s it goin’? Hey, Bernie. Mr. Ryder. Hey, so you see that girl sitting over there? The one with the coat looks like a bear, Bernie? Yeah. Can’t miss her. I said the same thing myself. Funny you should say that. Looks like Smokey, right? Smokey the Bear. I don’t know no Smokey, Bernie. Oh, it’s just a cartoon. Anyway, Mr. Stello, she thinks Games she’s scared of going out on a boat. And I don’t think we should row out on a dory. I don’t want her gettin’ sick on that nice, big coat. So, I was wondering if Games So, you wanna take her on the Anna G round the harbor? Yeah. Can’t row out on that dory even if ya wanted, right, Bernie? Carl, stop. Year anniversary’s coming. My sister’s now livin’ in my house. How’s it going with you, Bernie? That’s enough, Carl. He did all he could. I am sorry, Mr. Nickerson. I didn’t mean to upset you. Just wanted to ask Mr. Stello Games about borrowing a boat. Got you. I got you. This is a boat. Give me your hands. It’s okay. Now the hacienda’s dark The town is sleeping Now the time has come to part The time for weeping Vaya con dios, my darling Just, uh Games Just follow my arms, okay? Mmm-hmm. Stay with me. It’s all about the rhythm. Mmm-hmm. Okay? So it’s, uh Games So it’s, uh Games Here we go. One, two, three. Right, left, right. One, two, three. One, two, three. One Games I can’t one, two, three to this. Let’s just sit down, Bernie. No, sweetheart. Look, all you gotta do is you gotta relax and be patient Games and settle in my hand. Hey, look, just Games Here Games settle in my hand. You feel that? Mmm. Just listen to the music, right? And Games One, two, three. One, two, three. Right, left, right. Right, left, right. You’re doing great. Now the dawn is breaking through A gray tomorrow But the memories we share Are there to borrow Vaya con dios, my darling Will you marry me? What? Will you marry me? Uh Games No. Vaya con dios, my darling

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