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Dress Up Time 4

Dress Up Time 4


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Dress Up Time 4 Description

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Dress Up Time 4 Bro stop talking nonsense. Are you crazy man? I haven’t died. You can’ just die quickly like that you psycho. You just can’. God damn you. Have you lost it man? What the hell are you doing man? Yes. Finally, we got the front open. Honestly you did a fantastic job, I salute you. What fine workmanship? Congratulations. Bravo Doktor. Now it’s time, take out the reproductive organ. Doktor, with all due respect might I make a suggestion. This tiny little thing won’ be of much use. I advise we don’t cut it. Yeah right. He is an idiot. Must have lost his mind. What the hell is it? That’s a whole new small Game What is it? Absurd Game Ok, small is relative Game Game but this is too small. You can’t really imagine it in action. Now these scissors Game they are too big. You are, completely bullshitting. Let’s cut it with this. We can name it Timoti. Timoti? I haven’ even used it yet. Go ahead cut off my big toe. Take it. Isn’ that enough? Take, my whole damned leg instead. We need something shorter. I’m going out of my mind. I’m taking it. Don’ man. I’ve got high blood pressure. Got high blood pressure. I’m blacking out. Swearblackin Passed out. Dear Doktor Game Game I’m watching you with admiration sir. He really went all out. What stupid sentences. You’re dead. What and inconsiderate and rude dead person he was. Quite a mouth on a dead guy. This one is not dead. We should stuff with kg of cotton Game Game and let’s see if he talks then. All this happened because of my medicine. I pumped him full of it, completely paralyzed. Baaad. Guy, its effects should be wearing off. Last two hours. Let’s get him moved quickly.. yes of course. Here comes the belly dancer group. What the hell do you think you guys are doing? You guys were Game Game much ierwith your belly dancing costumes on. Bettergo slow, you don’t want a broken hand. You idiots. Did you think we would Game Game jump on your laps because of some scent? You will see! Yes mother! What kind of a kid are you? How can you do this to us? What is it I’ve done mom?

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